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Profits squeezed in UK Manufacturing. Supply chain's role in recovery.

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

The team at Insider Pro have researched 1,500 UK manufacturers and found a worrying pre Brexit, pre-Covid picture. Although in the last 5 years UK manufacturers grew sales by 21%, they failed to grow profits.

In the same time frame;

  • Collection of debts improved by 3 days
  • They failed to secure longer credit terms from suppliers
  • Stock bloated from 55 days to 61!

As the effects of Brexit wash through, and companies try to reboot volumes in 2021, there is trouble on the horizon. Profits are set to halve and cash is under pressure like never before! But there is also good news. The winners in the next 18/24 months will be those who win the battle for cash. With strong cash controls, companies can build a war chest which will help them win market share and invest where their competitors can't. Supported by a robust, agile supply chain, the winners may well take it all. The stage is set for disruption and change.

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Who moved my cash? 5 ways to improve working capital in 90 days.

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

As we edge towards re-igniting the economy, CFOs of large, medium and small enterprises, need to focus on the basics.  The old mantra "Cash is king" has never been more important if companies are to recover and take advantage of the new normal.

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Speed to value  for a healthy future

Posted by Jeremy Bowley
Covid-19 is accelerating business transformation in the Healthcare and Lifescience sectors. The businesses which will be successful in this period of uncertainty are those which are able to embrace innovation and bring new propositions to market despite challenging headwinds on funding, working capital and supply chain integrity. Even before the pandemic, both sectors were facing a compelling need for change. The pressures on the NHS were well documented and the social care sector required new thinking. Drug regulation and long sales cycles created complexity and the fast pace of innovation added further challenges. Businesses involved in developing or producing pharmaceutical, medtech or digital health products faced many questions linked to patient experience including:
  • new technology such as robotic surgery
  • improving clinical trial outcomes
  • ensuring greater participation including women, minorities and older patients
  • and ensuring improved access to and better use of data.
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What is disruptive procurement?

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Disruptive procurement is the process of creating real business value and competitive advantage by:

  • deconstructing what the business really needs,
  • challenging established business processes,
  • leveraging knowledge from outside the normal points of reference, and
  • designing, assembling and managing the supply chain in new and innovative ways.
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Reduce your marketing budget whilst increasing effectiveness

Posted by Darin Crosby

Different businesses have different objectives and priorities. Some are focused on reducing debt and improving short-term cash flow whilst for others, top line growth is what it’s all about. But all seek to do more with less.

The focus is not just on saving money but maximising Enterprise Value (EV) for the future. In many growth businesses the team responsible for Marketing is lean and there is more reliance on 3rd party support. The CMO will typically have a broader remit beyond the traditional focus of promotion / marketing comm’s. This will include the CMO having direct input and responsibility for pricing, product innovation, business strategy & customer experience (CX).

The CFO needs to understand the path to value and when assessing how your business currently operates, we suggest you ask the following 14 key questions;

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Why best practice procurement could be costing you £m’s (and what to do about it)

Posted by Jeremy Bowley
I regularly meet C-suite executives attempting to drive the adoption of best practice procurement in their business believing that this will lead to better cashflow, profit and a more resilient supply chain. However, I often see sub-optimal results from this approach with some organisations missing opportunities to improve enterprise value. It’s counter intuitive but a simple shift in thinking w ill drive more value.
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Property directors: How to cut TCO by 20% per annum AND improve service levels

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Property directors and facilities management companies are always under pressure to reduce costs in everything that they do, but there often comes a point when a cheaper alternative fails to deliver the service that is required.

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Why (I Don't Hate Sunday Evening Anymore)

Posted by Jeremy Bowley
People change the world when they collaborate. It’s enormously fulfilling work. For most people this is just a pipe dream. They hate Sunday evening because Monday is just hours away, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And it starts with you.
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Reconstructing the future

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Many, many articles have been published in past weeks, all attempting to assess the current crisis and foresee future impact. 

From politicians, economists, supply chain experts, Big 4 consultants and Futurists like Gerd Leonhard (very interesting), it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. 

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Property directors - 5 ways to reduce costs

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Property directors, estate directors, head of acquisitions, facilities director….whatever your title and whatever your industry, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and mitigating risk are two of the major aspects of your responsibility.

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