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9 restaurant KPIs to improve operational efficiency

Posted by Steve Hughes

Big names like Jamie Oliver, Byron, Strada and more have closed restaurants in the past couple of years, and others have responded to the market with discounts, budget menus and other price-cutting measures.

However, when combined with cost pressures such as rising business rates, increases in the National Living Wage and the rise of high street rents, the pressure on margin is a recipe for disaster. Added to that food prices have risen (largely due to the falling pound), and Brexit still provides some uncertainty here in the UK.

All of these things are out of our control, but all of them impact ALL restaurants. So why do some fail, when others are expanding?

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4 ways to improve average restaurant table turnover rate

Posted by Steve Hughes

Fast table turnover is a key topic for both customers and restaurant managers in the casual dining sector. Diners are demanding fast, good quality food delivered in a way that suits their needs at that time - be that a family get together, a party atmosphere, an intimate dining experience, dinner with cocktails, a particular style of cooking.... the choice is huge. And those who don't deliver a unique experience AND serve up good food, fast are losing market share.

In the UK, the average restaurant table turnover rate is 50-80 minutes and interestingly, the fastest growing casual dining chains are the ones that are achieving the sub-60 minute mark.

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Insider thinking at Euramax – challenging mindsets to protect the future

Posted by Steve Hughes

Our consultancy work at Euramax Solutions Ltd caused them to think differently about the challenges they were facing in the business.

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