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Webinar Synopsis - the 7 key ingredients of disruptive procurement

Posted by Jeremy Bowley
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Procurement has traditionally been seen as a back office department. But there is an increasing desire for procurement professionals to make a big impact within a business.

While in-roads have been made, there is still a lot of work to do to make procurement a driver of strategic change.

In this webinar it was discussed how 'Disruptive Procurement' can be used by procurement professionals to deliver that change.


  • What is disruptive procurement?
  • What makes this approach so different?
  • The 7 key ingredients of disruptive procurement
  • Real examples to illustrate the benefits (that go way beyond simple cost savings)

Disruptive procurement is a MINDSET change.  It's not simply a new name for "best practice procurement". 

It's about procurement teams focusing how their company drives shareholder value vs how to reduce costs.

Supplier evaluation should be based on the value that they can add to your business, not just cost and reliability of supply.

It's about true collaboration between procurement and others both within and outside the organisation; it's about procurement taking a lead in innovation to drive the business forward.

We discussed the 7 key ingredients in some detail, and gave real life examples of the benefits gained.


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Jeremy Bowley - Managing Partner
Procurement transformation specialist
and veteran of more than 80
organisational change projects. Former Procurement Director at Miller Group.

Phil Densen - Partner
An experienced procurement director
and consultant who has worked in a
wide range of industries from mining, to medical, to retail and hospitality.


Here are some of the companies who attended our webinar:

  • Swarovski
  • Network Rail
  • Asda
  • Birmingham City Council
  • British Steel
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Patton Air
  • Yorkshire Water
  • Basset Law
  • BAE Systems

Main lessons learned:

Using the 7 key ingredients of disruptive procurement, procurement teams can deliver a bigger impact on company growth.

Procurement can and should be at the heart of business change and innovation, not simply a making it happen, but proactively engineering change. 

Questions addressed during the webinar:

  • There has been a question about Block Chain and how it could assist procurement do things differently.  Do you have a view on this? 

  • How can disruptive approaches to procurement be successfully applied and achieve real benefits in a public sector situation?

  • How to most effectively gain buy-in from the Business to work with Sourcing / Procurement.

  • What does it take to be disruptive?

  • And what skills do you need?

  • If you’re going to be creative and disruptive, doesn’t that just add a delay to the process?

What next?

To find out more, grab a coffee and download the 1 hour webinar recording.

Disruptive Procurement webinar view now

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