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Hospitality suppliers - work with us to support carers

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

The majority of us are at home with our families, trying to work whilst keeping safe and entertaining the children.  There is rightfully much in the news about the NHS and essential key workers who are doing such important jobs. 

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18 ways to maximise profits in Casual Dining Chains

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Casual Dining Chains in the UK have seen a rapid explosion in demand, a number of failures and an influx of competition emerging from new and inventive sources.

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, expecting fast service, great food, entertaining environments - in short, an experience that is "Instagramable".

Everyone is working on tight margins, feeling the threat of rising prices due to Brexit, and as a result many are struggling to work out how to increase profits and/or simply survive.

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How to make a restaurant more profitable using Design for X (DFX)

Posted by Steve Hughes

Design for X (DFX) is typically used by manufacturing companies as part of their design process. Used in the kitchen, this process reveals the REAL cost and profit per menu item - an essential step towards improving restaurant profitability.

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The 7 Key Ingredients of Disruptive Procurement

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Disruptive procurement is the process of creating real business value and competitive advantage by:

  • deconstructing what the business really needs,
  • challenging established business processes,
  • leveraging knowledge from outside the normal points of reference, and
  • designing, assembling and managing the supply chain in new and innovative ways.

“Disruptive procurement” uses knowledge of the entire supply chain to challenge requirements and drive out business benefits far in excess of any improvements in margin.

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Property directors - 5 ways to reduce costs

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Property directors, estate directors, head of acquisitions, facilities director….whatever your title and whatever your industry, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and mitigating risk are two of the major aspects of your responsibility.

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Top 5 considerations when hiring your next Procurement Consultant

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Everyone knows that for a business or function to be successful they need to hire great people. Unfortunately, the vast majority of managers and executives will also know the pain and angst created from a bad hire. From having someone in the business who didn’t fit the culture, couldn’t deliver and/or negatively impacted on those around them.

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11 ways to drive 20 percent more profit through procurement

Posted by Darin Crosby

When I tell people that my passion is procurement, most people move on to ask the person next to me what they do for a living. A few others ask questions about the biggest tender I have ever dealt with, or how I feel about supermarkets bullying tactics with food growers and the like.

The uninitiated think that as procurement professionals we spend our time creating tender documents and beating up suppliers on price.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our approach is VERY different.

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3 barriers to business growth in the UK

Posted by Jeremy Bowley

Few businesses experience the joy of uninterrupted, problem-free growth; most hit bumps in their journey.

Why is it that any two businesses in the same industry facing the same challenges can have completely different outcomes?

Why do some overcome challenges and others fail to fulfil their potential?

And what is the key to unlocking business growth?

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3 ways to reduce marketing budget without impacting sales

Posted by Darin Crosby

Saving money on marketing isn’t just about cutting the cost of a retainer or getting a new website cheaper.

Depending which study you read, marketers waste anywhere between 26% and 60% of marketing spend, and in our own experience of working with SMEs and larger businesses, up to 50% of marketing expenditure is wasted.

The key then is to identify and eliminate those areas of wasted marketing spend without impacting sales.

There are three key areas of waste:

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A 14 point checklist for choosing the best procurement consultant

Posted by Phil Denson

The best procurement consultancy firm for your business will be able to drive value in the shortest time period.  How do you test their ability?

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