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Jeremy Bowley talking about Disruptive Procurement on Voice America

Posted by Phil Denson
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Chris Cooper co-author of ‘The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)’ interviewed Jeremy Bowley of procurement consultancy firm, Insider Procurement, about disruptive procurement live on Voice America. 

Here are some sound-bites from the show:

“Procurement can be one of the biggest levers to improve company performance.”

“Procurement has matured to the extent that it can move the organisation forward.”

“Re-engineering procurement processes can have a transformative effect on the cost base.”

“How do we get our supply chain to add more value?”

“What is disruptive procurement? Isn’t it just smart procurement?”

Disruptive Procurement eBook Cover

Chris asked Jeremy some great questions about:

  • Smart procurement vs disruptive procurement
  • What do people need to demonstrate in order to be seen as a true procurement expert?
  • Supplier consolidation – good or bad?
  • Best practice supplier development
    • The importance of knowledge, understanding and communication in supplier relationship management
    • Reinvesting cost savings into added value services to deliver an improvement in service from your supplier at a lower cost
  • What to do about stagnation in the procurement department
    • Procurement department organisation by category – is that really the best way?
    • How to make suppliers an extension of your own business
  • Repair vs replace – how to make that decision; when to sweat the assets
  • Improving customer service and lowering cost at the same time
    • Changing packaging, logistics, warranties, maintenance and other aspects in order to add value to your business
    • Procurement working with management accountants to spot potential savings
    • Examples of how improving employee engagement can lead to reduced costs as well as improved performance
  • Selecting the right people for your procurement team
    • Who will your supplier take their latest, greatest ideas to – you or your competitor? And why?


To hear Jeremy’s answers, tune into the recording.



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