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Posted by Jeremy Bowley
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30 days after joining us, I asked our latest recruit how she feels about working for Insider Pro:

What attracted you to join Insider Pro in the first place?

My story is a bit different. I worked for a SME before and I found it restrictive with no development opportunities – so I wasn’t expecting things to be different! But I wanted to prove myself wrong so took the risk.

What were your first impressions?

Oh wait…..this isn’t what I was expecting! The team were super friendly and very welcoming….my computer was set up and ready, there was even a card and champagne on my desk. Everything was ready for me to get stuck in – I was already working by the afternoon! I left the office on day 1 thinking “this is the place for me”.

What have you discovered about the company since you joined?

This is how other SMEs should operate. Most companies boast about being ’flexible’ but this is only place I’ve truly felt it. The management style is refreshing and exciting.

Why would you recommend Insider Pro as a great place to work?

I’ve never worked at a place like it! Everyone is treated like an adult, entrusted to get the work done, flexible around personal commitments. There’s no complex management structure - good work is visible, valued and appreciated. I’ve found it frustrating in other companies when I’m slowed down by the pace of others around me. Here at Insider Pro, I feel I’m surrounded by people like me who don’t procrastinate and prioritise things in the same way I do.

What sort of person do you think fits well with the rest of the team?

Someone that’s agile, responsible, ready to work hard and play hard…up for a challenge, prepared to pitch in and gets hands dirty, not scared of making a decision to keep things moving.

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