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Enterprise value webinar recording

Posted by Jeremy Bowley
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In economies like these, growing the business and its enterprise value can be challenging.  In fact, it’s always challenging!  

Increasing EBITDA and the multiples needed to increase company value, requires a laser-like focus on certain high-impact levers available to you.   

As a Finance Leader, an Executive or Business Owner, you have many stakeholders to keep happy and challenging targets to meet. As the conscience and steward of the business no doubt, you will face questions around:- 

By how much can mid-cap businesses accelerate cash flow and profit in the Covid-19 climate?  

What do we need to do within the next month, quarter, year to achieve this? 

How do I achieve this whilst managing the other critical aspects of finance leadership? 

  • How do I ensure my people are aligned to financial priorities and opportunities? 
  • How will better market insight improve contracting and supplier relationship management? 
  • How can we improve insight, data quality and visibility quickly?  
  • How can I get better control over process and improve assurance measures to manage risk?  
  • Is the market interpreting the impact of new regulations such as IFRS16 on my business fairly? 

We recently recorded a webinar in collaboration with Haig & Co, outlining some great examples of our experiences.

Please click below to request access to the recording.

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