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Working at InsiderPro - the ultimate sense of achievement

Posted by Ally Ryles

Having held a senior position in a multi-billion pound business for 10 years I never thought I would ever return to business after children to work in a small procurement consultancy still in the infancy of its development.

I mean how would I ever be challenged?

How would I ever be able to command a salary and grade comparable to where I had left business?

Well how wrong was I?

1 year later and I have never felt more fulfilled in a job for many years.

Returning to work having taken a sabbatical to have a family normally fills both women and employers with dread… pay cut… part time… childcare issues... school holidays... everything an employer dreads and a working mother has to juggle whilst proving their professionalism in the workplace.

This is where InsiderPro differs.

No two days are the same thanks to the diversity of the client base, allowing you to feel as if you still work within a multi-billion pound business - presenting and liaising with CFO’s and board directors  - but with all the added positives of working within a small business.

Flexibility is a given, just as much as loyalty and dedication is expected.

I am treated no less or more than other colleagues and no matter what role you come to do within InsiderPro you will be made to feel just as important.

The sum of the parts is what makes InsiderPro the success it is today, and loyalty and trust is a two-way street which ensures everyone leaves work on a daily basis feeling a success.

Yes, it's demanding and challenging at times and, as with any small company, there is nowhere to hide. But with those emotional highs comes a huge sense of achievement, autonomy and the feeling of being part of something great. 

That's a feeling which being a cog in a very large wheel of a Blue Chip rarely offers.

I feel privileged to be a working mother who gets to feel a sense of achievement in her professional life as well as seeing the joy on her son's muddy face as she turns up to see him play rugby at school on a Wednesday afternoon.

Working at InsiderPro gives me the best of both worlds and, for me, the ultimate sense of achievement……

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