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A 14 point checklist for choosing the best procurement consultant

Posted by Phil Denson
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The best procurement consultancy firm for your business will be able to drive value in the shortest time period.  How do you test their ability?

To be sure that they really can minimise the time to value, they need to possess some key talents and skills. The best procurement consultancy firm for your business will:

  1. already know your supply chain
  2. have a clear understanding of the business drivers within those suppliers and how to work with them to get the best result
  3. have worked with a broad range of businesses and bring a breadth and depth of experience
  4. be able to supply truly experienced category managers
  5. be naturally creative and inspirational in their thinking
  6. have the know-how, emotional intelligence and experience to get things done
  7. be adept at coming up with new solutions to old problems
  8. be able to demonstrate that they can identify opportunities, constraints and solutions to rapidly get results
  9. have the gravitas to be able to challenge the way you create value in the business, and look for ways to simplify procurement processes, reduce costs and improve shareholder value
  10. have a track record of generating savings
  11. offer a commitment to deliver value through a shared risk/reward approach
  12. be prepared to offer a guaranteed ROI for their work
  13. be creative with ways of eliminated business and supply chain risks
  14. be challenging at times, but always a pleasure to work with.

And finally, when they have completed the job of making significant positive changes to the cost structure of your business, will they leave your team with a clear way forward for the future?

We measure our success as a procurement consultancy on the success of our customers - to the extent that we only make our profits by improving theirs!

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